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Presentation of the project

Background of the project

This project wants to integrate socio-emotional education within daily formal education to achieve a complete formation for the students in order to reduce the number of behaviour conflicts and improve the classroom atmopshere.
The recognition of both own and other's emotions, how to express, use and control them, and definetely manage them in a positive way will allow the sudents to acquire asocial competences that will help them to keep good relations with other people, to live in society and to enjoy fully aware.

Objectives of the project

The main objective of this project is to decrease the number of conflicts that we register in our schools between pupils. On one hand, our purpose is to develope strategies and resources that allow our students to go deeper in their personal knowledge and to be competent in the managment of their emotions. We are convinced that by improving the living mood among the students we will flavour the improvement of their academic performance.
By the other hand, teachers will have more strategies to solve conflicts and can give children spaces to relax and calm down when they are angry or a bad behaviour.

Description of activities

All the activities are thought with the purpose of giving children tools, places (multi-sensory room and playground) and strategies for connecting them with their emotions and how to manage them. Most activities will have English as a vehicular language, so children will also improve their skills in a foreign language.  Most activities will be included in Arts, Music and P.E. curriculum. 
There are some activities that are strong related to ICT and social nets, so pupils and teachers need to use them as a tool of communication and a source of knowledge. The purpose of using ICT is to connect easily teachers from different countries in real time and promote communication and collaboration between partners.

Description of the results and impact

"Breath and calm down" project is a long-term project, even though it may result in immediate products and actions throughout these two years of development. The most important evidence will be the decreasing number of behavior conflicts, reflected in the behavior grid that each school will create and update.
The creation of multisensory places where children can relax, calm down and express their emotions such as a multi-sensory room and a multi-sensory playground will keep in time as a resource of managing emotions and the bad behavior.
The curriculum lessons programmed during the project will be included in the curriculum of each school in the areas of Art, Music and PE, and also as cross-curricular lessons that will give to teachers and children an approach to their emotions and feelings, and how to express and manage them.
The classroom atmosphere will improve and children will feel the school as a place where they can live together without conflicts and a safe place to share and express their feelings and to grow as persons in a global world .

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